How Can God Allow Such Things

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Human suffering is a fact of life today. Even if it is not present in our own lives, we are reminded of it daily through the media. Accounts of people who have had to deal with serious tragedies and handicaps are well-known. However, most explain such occurrences as "God's will," destiny or mystery. Dr. Steinpach gives logical explanations for the hardships we face. He applies the universal Laws in Creation to our life on earth and in the beyond, and offers a new and incisive perspective concerning personal responsibility. Steinpach explains that the circumstances for each reincarnation are the result of our behavior from a prior life; that we continue to develop between lifetimes, and that each incarnation is an opportunity to redeem the consequences of our negative actions and thoughts. How Can God Allow Such Things? opens the door to a fuller understanding of the totality of our existence, and makes it possible for readers to answer the eternal question, "Why me?

ACCOUNTS OF PEOPLE who have clinically died and then were brought back to life are no longer considered fantasy: they have been scientifically proven. However, most writings about life and death have simply reported such accounts and given statistical data. Richard Steinpach’s work goes much further: by applying the basic Laws of Nature, he explains how we continue to develop after physical death.

"If we go to the root of the matter, it is our concept of death that decides our answers to all the questions which life poses.”

Dag Hammerskjöld, late Secretary-General of the United Nations

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