Why Was I Born? Bridging Birth & Justice

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At some point, most people ask the fundamental questions of life: Where did I come from?, Why am I here?, and How did I come to be the way that I am? In Why Was I Born? Bridging Birth & Justice, Dr. Richard Steinpach brings to the surface knowledge we have buried deep within ourselves: that we are spiritual beings with a long history in this world. This book, together with his earlier publication, Why We Live After Death, casts a bright light on the previously enigmatic poles of human existence: birth and death. By so doing, Steinpach creates a glimpse of a world in perfect balance, orchestrated by eternal laws.

In a world experiencing unprecedented change, Why Was I Born? helps us find peace in the midst of chaos.

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ISBN 978-1-57461-013-0
Author Richard Steinpach
Format Paperbound
Number of pages 104
Language English